Heroes journey-Captain Anerica-The First Avenger

The movie that that i choose that i thought reflects the heroes journey is Captain America -The First Avenger.  It is basically about a man named Steve Rogers volunteers for this experiment that turns him into a super soldier known as Captain America. He used to be a very weak guy who got beaten up a lot and didn’t do too well in the military. I think the call to adventure in this journey was when Steve Rogers volunteered for the experiment. That is when the action starts. I don’t remember much about this movie since the last time i watched it, which was a long time ago. I will try my best to explain the movie. As i was saying, when Rogers turns into Captain America, this would also be when he crosses his world and enters another. This took place during world war 2. I don’t think there was any refusal of the call, but he had enemies. The HYDRA organization, led by red skull, was their opponent. The HYDRA are planning to use some sort of a powerful machine to have world domination.  Captain America’s mentor would be Peggy, a lady in the military. One of the chiefs, i think.The climax,or the ordeal,was when  Captain       America goes into a plane with red skull. They battled. Captain America killed him, but now he had control of the plane, and he had difficulty with that. He crash landed, but he survived. He was in a coma for 70 years. There wasn’t really a reward in this movie. The resurrection would be that now 7 decades have gone by, and he will have to get along with the new world, which will be hard for him.  Part two of Captain America will come probably next year. You should watch the first one. It is very good, from what i remember. Enjoy the trailer, and if you will watch the full movie, enjoy that!



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